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Current Weather Conditions
Temperature: 21°C
Wind direction and speed: N 27 Kmph
Humidity: 62% Humidity
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Updated: Friday, July 19, 2019
Gran Canaria enjoys a sub-tropical Climate with mainly spring-like temperatures throughout the year. That said, this 'Continent in Miniature' has several Microclimates, with some considerable differences in rainfall and temperature.

The prevailing north-easterly Trade Winds deposit their rain on the northerly slopes of the Island, leaving the south-west in a rain shadow. The contrast caused by this difference in rainfall can easily be seen when driving around the Island - The south-west coast being semi-desert, while the northern mountains are lush with greenery.

Summers are generally dry everywhere on the Island, although the northern half tends to have more cloud cover. In Winter, the difference between the north and south is even more pronounced, with the southern resorts often a few degrees warmer than Las Palmas.

Altitude is the other major factor and it is not unknown for Puerto Rico to be basking in the mid-twenties, while there is snow on the peaks just a few kilometres away.

Calima is the local name for the (sometimes thick) haze experienced in the Canary Islands when dust is blown across from the Sahara Desert (just 220km away). When this occurs, everything becomes covered in a fine red dust and the temperatures rise. While not life-threatening (it is not the same as a desert sand storm), many people complain of hay fever-like symptoms during a thick Calima.

Big Storms are extremely rare in the Canary Islands, though a Tropical Storm (Delta) did sweep through the Canaries in November 2005. This was the first time that a Tropical Storm had been recorded in the islands and it caused a great deal of damage, including the destruction of the famous Dedo de Dios (God's finger) natural rock structure that had stood for thousands of years.

Okay, but what will the weather be like during my Holiday?
If you go during the summer (mid-April to mid-October), you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine and hot weather in the south.
During the Winter (if you can call it that), Gran Canaria does receive some rain, so there is always a chance of that, though temperatures will most likely rise to the low to mid twenties even in January. It can become chilly in the evening though, so it's a good idea to bring a fleece or cardigan.

Average Daily Max (°C) Average Daily Min (°C) Average Monthly Temperature (°C)
January 20.4 16.4 18.4
February 20.6 16.4 18.5
March 21.1 16.7 18.9
April 21.5 17.2 19.4
May 22.4 18.3 20.4
June 23.7 19.6 21.7
July 24.9 21 23
August 26.1 22 23.9
September 25.5 22.2 23.9
October 23.6 21.3 21.5
November 23.6 19.4 21.5
December 21.6 17.4 19.5

Monthly Average (mm) Average No. Days with rain Average Humidity
January 18 3 68
February 24 3 67
March 14 3 65
April 7 1 66
May 2 1 67
June 0 0 68
July 0 0 67
August 0 0 68
September 10 1 70
October 13 2 71
November 18 3 69
December 27 4 69

Sea Temperatures
Monthly Average (°C)
January 19
February 18
March 18
April 18
May 19
June 20
July 21
August 22
September 23
October 23
November 21
December 20
Hours Sunshine
Daily Average
January 6
February 6
March 7
April 8
May 8
June 9
July 10
August 9
September 8
October 7
November 6
December 5

Gran Canaria Weather