Gran Canaria Summary

Location: Between 27°73' and 28°18' North
Between 15°36' and 15°83' west
Part of the Canary Islands Archipelago
Area: 1532kmē
Max Elevation: 1,949m (Pico de Las Nieves)
Size: Round shaped Island 54.1km across at widest point
Timezone: GMT daylight saving time (same as UK and Ireland)
Electricity: 220v 50hz
2 pin European sockets
Telephone (fixed): RJ11 Connector
Telephone (mobile): GSM 900/1800 networks
Mobile Operators: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange
Telephone Country Code: +34
Currency: Euro
Language: Spanish
Principle Religion: Catholic
Population: 802,257
Measurements: Metric System
Government (Spain): Constitutional Monarchy. Part of the Canary Islands autonomous region of Spain.
Duty Free Status: The islands enjoy special exemptions from normal EU/Spanish excise duties on Tobacco, Alcohol, perfumes and Petroleum which are all considerably cheaper than in mainland Spain.
Local Capital: Las Palmas
Visas Required: None inside EU, otherwise contact your Spanish Embassy
Inoculations: None, except if coming from an infected area